I want to switch one or two things about a terrarium in your shop before I purchase. Can you do that? We can customize one of your top selling terrariums to meet your needs such as changing the sand color, shells, or some plants without a problem for an additional 15% fee. Email us {link to our email, theZenSucculent@gmail.com] to start your custom order.

Do you make custom terrariums? Yes, we sure do! Contact us to start the process.


For more plant care instructions, along with tips in terrarium design and DIY plant projects, purchase our book Modern Terrarium Studio now available for preorder on AmazonBarnes & NobleIndie Bound, and at our online shop (signed copy exclusively on our online store).

How long with the terrarium last? As long as you properly take care of it using your “ Care instructions “ and your good judgment, it can last for many years to come (so much so, that you might have to move your plants to a larger container).

I accidentally overwatered my terrarium and it is not doing so well. What can I do now? Overwatering your terrarium or any living landscape can lead to mold, disease, and insects so it needs to be corrected, removing the mold infected area and trimming or replacing any infected plants, adding additional soil as needed (for non-air plant terrariums only).For succulent, moss, and tropical plant terrariums, drain any standing water for the terrarium and let dry out completely. Resume watering on a weekly schedule as needed. A good tip is to water your terrarium once a week (or every 7-10 days during colder months of the year) only when the soil is completely dry. For air plant terrariums

Can I place my terrarium in my office without any windows? Sure, you can place it anywhere indoors whether there is natural light or fluorescent light at least 7 hours a day.


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How do I change the water in my Japanese Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium without messing up the arrangement? It is simple – when it is time to change the water, gently tilt the terrarium and empty 1/3rd of the water into a sink. Then replace the water back to its originally spot and you’re done. This allows the marimo to get fresh water while also allowing it to flourish.

Do your terrariums come intact / pre-made / pre-assembled”? No - all terrarium arrangements are to be shipped disassembled (in- separates) along with fun & easy assembly directions for effortless planting.

How to do package your terrariums to prevent them from getting ‘jumbled ‘in transit? We do our absolute best to make sure that your terrarium arrives in incredible condition for easy assembly. We ship them using a special technique to better ensure the safety of the plants and terrarium materials using common shipping items.

How will my terrarium be shipped? We ship all of our terrariums or orders with live plants United States Postal Service (USPS) 2-3 Day Priority Mail within the United States. Items shipped to Canada, United Kingdom, and any other country will be shipped using USPS First Class Mail – please allow 6-14 days for all international orders due to customs.

When will my order we shipped? I am so excited! We are also excited for you to receive your order! We typically ship your order in 5-7 business days after purchase. During high volume times of year (Holidays, New Years, and Valentine’s Day) please allow additional time.

Do you provide a tracking number for all packages? Yes, tracking numbers will be provided with all shipping. 

Will cold winter weather effect my package during shipping? If your shipment is going to a location with naturally colder climates under 30 degrees please purchase a  "72 Hour Heat Warmer Pack” [ link to 72 hour heat warmer pack order] to provide extra heat protection for our succulent terrariums, moss terrarium, and tillandsia air plant terrariums while they travel to your location during colder months.

I need my package delivered within the same week. Is that possible? If you need your package by a particular date, within the same week of ordering, please consider purchasing rush ordering [link to rush ordering listing] and using USPS Express Mail. USPS Express Mailing next day delivery is available for additional charge. Amount of additional charge depends on order destination. To purchase rush ordering for your order, click here. [Link to rush ordering site]

Do I need to water my terrarium plants upon arrival? When you finish setting up your terrarium after arrival, water it for the first time following the ‘Care Instructions‘. This starts your watering schedule.



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