Large Spanish Moss Cluster

Large Spanish Moss Cluster


Our premium quality Tillandsia's, also known as Air Plants , which use for all of our terrarium designs and award winning living landscapes.

THE live low maintenance Tillandsia Air Plant is easy-to-care for and lives with air, light, water and air circulation- it does not require soil. Lightly submerge or mist the air plant one to two times a week and place in an area with bright , indirect lighting. They can be placed as living ground cover in a potted plant or hung indoors/outdoors

This silvery leaved tillandsia has cascading slim leafs that flow gently making it an stunning plant for any setting. With proper care, it continue to multiple , creating more Spanish moss within 1 month.

TILLANDSIA : large, 3 ounces
PURCHASE includes: 1 (one) Tillandsia Air Plant and care instructions

WATER & CARE 1 -2 times a week or as needed (more frequent for dryer climates / warmer weather, less frequent during colder temperatures ) by submerging in cool water for no more than five minute, allowing plant too completely dry between watering – misting can also be done to water which is required doing more frequently
LIGHTING Bright, indirect lighting which includes natural or flouriest lighting
AIR CIRCULATION A container and location that is well ventilated
FERTILIZER To further enhance the air plants heath, plant food can be used about once a month, but not required.

ALL Tillandsia Air Plants sold within the United States are shipped using USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day.

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