Blackjack Wax Co. Soy Candles


Blackjack Wax Co. Soy Candles


by Blackjack Wax Co.


No. 03 Film Noire Soy Candle
This 100% soy wax candle is mixed with a white tea and currant tincture to give it that mysterious and invigorating smell which calls to mind the Noir Films of the 1940's. Close your eyes and imagine that you're in a velvet walled cinema when enjoying this decadent candle.  

No. 12 Wildwood Soy Candle
The enchantment of the Forest... an aromatic thicket of wild berries, moss & fern. 

No. 08 Skinny Dip Soy Candle
This 100% soy wax candle is a unique blend of tuberose, sandalwood, and musk. It's scent will give you the feeling of that first jump into a cold, refreshing lake during the heat of the summer.

No. 09 Spanish Moss Soy Candle
This 100% soy wax candle is fused with natural sage, oak, and amber. This herbal and oak scent will put you in the center of a quiet, lush forest covered in dappled sunlight that peeps through the leaves of the tall, ancient trees

Handcrafted and hand poured in Meridian, Mississippi.
Weight: ½ lb.
35 – 40 hour burn time


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