We are a modern terrarium and plant craft business based in beautiful Durham, North Carolina. The ZEN Succulent was created by the mother/daughter team Margaret and Megan George.

Our living landscape creations are a modern take on traditional terrariums inspired by our natural surroundings, our love for urban planting, and our delight in color. We play with the concepts of nature's classical elements (air, earth, water) though our individual terrarium's use of tillandsia air plants, Japanese marimo balls, vibrant succulents, and more, and how each inhabits its respective landscape.

On May 1, 2016, Margaret & Megan opened The ZEN Succulent, a neighborhood plant & gift shop in downtown Durham which also houses their terrarium & plant craft line and office space. This is their first brick & mortar store.


Each The ZEN Succulent terrarium is created solely by hand featuring natural and preserved plants and sea life. The ZEN Succulent's design process is completely organic, a process that includes gathering all terrarium components in hand and dropping them on the craft table. Where the items fall dictates the direction of the design, making each terrarium one of kind.

The ZEN Succulent hand mixes their own soil and uses locally sourced plants (some of which are urban grown from clippings at Margaret and Megan's home). The remaining terrarium supporting elements come directly from harvesters and fabricators in the Philippines, Japan, and throughout North America. 


We are excited to use this website to share everything related to indoor plants (inspiration, tips, crafts, and more!). Be sure to check out our book and online shop!

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MEGAN, Creative Director & Chief Maker

Megan George founded The ZEN Succulent in 2012 after several years of urban gardening and small scale succulent propagation. As the Creative Director & Chief Maker, she directs the brand's image and the design of all terrarium landscapes. Active in the East Coast crafting community, she also teaches, leads workshops, and has written the book Modern Terrarium Studio (published in 2015 by Fons & Porter).

MARGARET, Co-Owner & Logistics Manager

Margaret George joined The ZEN Succulent in early 2013. As logistics manager, she leads in organizing shipping and coordinates the businesses schedule and event details.